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We have been manufacturing, exporting, and distributing premium coir products for over 18 years to horticulture/landscaping and Farming/Agriculture marketplace. It is our family business with the 100% focus on building the quality product for our customers and with our direct distribution centers overseas to provide quality product to our customer for fair market value. Coir America is a USA registered entity for distributing Coir Products to customers and partnersin North America.

As farmers, we understand the higher cost and thin profit margins in the agricultural industries. We watch our expenses to keep the products with reasonable cost by focusing on eliminating production leakage, developing experienced workforce, streamlining production process, and decreasing shipping costs are the reasons that we could offer exceptional quality coconut coir products for the best price.

Coir America understands your success is our success. Our flexibility and understanding customer needs and demands are our core strength. We do end to end solution for our customers. We take care of the process from designing the package to manufacturing the shipment of the product to the end users. We are your one stop solution for your coir needs.

Coir innovation, we can help build patents, prototypes for the gardening products. Our innovation group has over 10 years of experience in building various innovative products to the market place from the design patterns to the utility patents. Eliminate Peat Moss or soil by substituting coconut coir that can expand up to 9 times its original volume. Our products are 100% organic biodegradable environment friendly. We are the manufacturer of coconut coir products from family owned manufacturing sites located in various parts of India.

We manufacture coconut coir products from our own coconut forms located in India manufacturing 100% organic coconut coir products with production facility in India and a distributor in United States. Being the manufacturer helps us to offer competitive price to our customers.

Our multi sites production units helps us meet your demand and our online orders


Mission and Vision

Our mission of Coir America is to care for water, the earth and the quality of the food we eat by delivering high quality garden products for horticulture needs, often to their own unique specifications, delivered on time at a competitive price to their premises.

Worldwide Logistics Experience

We can handle all your shipment needs. Our staff is highly experienced in developing your shipment and timely requirements.

Custom Solution

From building a custom grow bags, private product labeling, custom product size and volume, we can match all your need. Talk to our sales team or send us an email to sales@coiramerica.com

18 Years of Experience

We have been manufacturing and distributing Coir products over 18 years from our Indian Factory. Our multi-site manufacturing units are located in the south part of the India called Tamil Nadu.

Professional Quality Services

Our focus on improving operational effecti veness and staff productivity helps us increase our customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our higher standard world-class level of performance mindset along with the continuous improvement process are the key to operational excellence.

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