All Natural Pure Coco Peat Loose Bag

All Natural Pure Coco Peat Grow Medium Bag 50L is a soilless coco coir-based grow medium made with premium, 100% pure, double-washed, high-quality coco coir pith. It is suitable for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor use, either alone or mixed with your favorite amendments.

All Natural Coco Peat Loose Bag - Coco Coir Soil Mix

All Natural Pure Coco Peat bags contain ready to use, odorless, 100% organic coconut pith. This biodegradable growing medium has a high water holding capacity (it absorbs and holds over 8 times its weight in water) with acceptable pH and low EC for plant growth. Coco peat is a waste product obtained during the extraction of coir fiber from the coconut husk. True Coco Peat bags are well washed to ensure EC is low. True Coco Peat could be used a standalone growing medium or could be mixed with soil, perlite, manure and other growing mediums. True Coco Peat substrate has a fine, uniform structure, is free from viruses and soil diseases.


  • Free of pathogens or any soil borne diseases
  • Odorless and pleasant to handle.
  • Natural and renewable resource.
  • Uniform in composition.
  • Promotes strong root growth and plant vigor
  • Excellent wettability and high water holding capacity.
  • Acceptable pH and low EC for good plant growth.
  • Ability to retain nutrients against leaching and to buffer supply.
  • Good drainage and aeration.
  • Less shrinkage and light weight.
  • Retains physical properties longer.


Potting mixes - Green houses - Hydroponics growing mediums - Seedling nurseries - Horticulture and floriculture applications - Amending clay soils - Bedding for worms and reptiles. Used by home gardeners (indoor and outdoor); by nursery and garden center professionals; by lawn and golf course maintenance professionals.


Minimum Order : 1 Pallet

50L Bags Shipment 40HQ 40Ft 20Ft
Number Of Pallets 20 20 10
Number of Bags Per Pallet 100 90 90
Total Bags 2,000 1,800 900


Net Content 50L / 1.5 Cu ft; EC 0.3 - 0.6; pH 6.5 - 7.

Always test your run-off to determine your feeding pattern. Mix with perlite, coco chips or other amendments to create your custom mix.

Coco Loose Bags Specifications
Available Sizes 50L (1.5Cu. Ft)
pH 6.5-7
EC 0.3-0.6
Package options Bags on pallet and shrink wrapped

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